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Complex Lab Microkernel-Based Operating Systems

The Complex Lab will not be offered after the winter semester 2018/19. Please consider this when planning your studies.



The goal of this practical course is to apply the principles of constructing a microkernel-based operating system. The task, a pong-game for two players, is based on the Fiasco mikrokernel developed here at the TU Dresden. During this lab, we will develop various servers required for this.

Starting point is a Pong-Server already providing the game ground, a ball and the paddles in a demo mode. Clients that allow us to control the paddles from a keyboard have to be developed. For these clients to work, a set of servers has to be implemented, including:

  • memory management server
  • keyboard driver
  • graphical console

The course Microkernel-Based Operating Systems teaches the theoretical foundation to understand the principles used in this practical course. It is therefore recommended to attend this lecture. As a preparatory course we offer the Complex Lab on Systems Programming.

Starting Tuesday, 8 January 2019, the complex lab discussions take place (after the lecture) at 4.40 PM in room APB E001.


  1. Introduction
  2. Sessions, Dynamic Memory Management, Debugging
  3. Graphical Console
  4. Keyboard Driver + Integration


  • During the semester we will have regular consultations to discuss the solutions to the individual steps.
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Author: Dr.-Ing. Carsten Weinhold

Martin K├╝ttler

  • ModuleModules: INF-MA-PR, DSE
  • 0/0/4 = 4 SWS
Time and Place

This course is not being offered in this term.