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Operating Systems

Accompanying Lab

This website is obsolete. Please visit our new website for up-to-date information about all classes at the Chair of Operating Systems.

The primary goal of the accompanying lab is to introduce students to systems programming with special focus on using certain tools, such as make, yacc and gdb. You can solve the tasks autonomously at home. The solution for each exercise shall be handed in by e-mail (as a tarball) until the particular deadline.




Please register in the secretary's office APB 3103.


In general, there are no prerequisites you have to fulfill except from a basic understanding of the C and/or C++ programming language. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend the participation in the advanced systems programming course to you, that typically takes place one week before the actual term starts.


  1. Automation with make
  2. The Unix Filesystem
  3. A Simple Shell
  4. Debugging with GDB
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