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Paper Reading Group

This website is obsolete. Please visit our new website for up-to-date information about all classes at the Chair of Operating Systems.
The Paper Reading Group is not offered as a module anymore, but students are still welcome to join the meetings and discussion.

In this seminar we study and discuss cutting edge research papers as well as ones of historical significance.

The seminar is participation driven. At each meeting, someone briefly presents a paper by summarizing the problem it deals with and its contributions and by raising some discussion points. The paper is then further explored together. Each participant is expected to contribute to the discussion by, for instance, asking questions, helping to clarify difficulties, proposing case studies or offering critiques.

Papers for next meetings

    Proposals for future meetings

    You can find a list of papers sorted by categories, you might want to present within the seminar here.

    Previously-read papers

    For a list of all previously-read papers, have a look at here.
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    Author: Dipl.-Inf. Jan Bierbaum

    Marcus Hähnel

    Phone: 38534
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    Time and Place
    • Seminar, weekly
      TimeThu, 11.10 AM PlaceAPB 3105
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