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Most of our software is accessible via subversion. Please refer to the instructions listed here:

L4/Fiasco, L4Env, L4Linux subversion access

for further information on how to access our subversion repository. A current version can be retrieved using the mentioned repomgr:

      $ ./repomgr co l4env

Device Driver Environment

If you would like to work on the Device Driver Environment (DDE), you can check out the respective packages for Linux 2.4:

    $ ./repomgr co l4env
    $ cd l4/pkg
    $ svn up dde_linux

or Linux 2.6:
    $ ./repomgr co l4env
    $ cd l4/pkg
    $ svn up linux-26-headers
    $ svn up dde_linux26

An example implementation using the DDE can be found in the l4ide package:
    $ ./repomgr co l4env
    $ cd l4/pkg
    $ svn up l4ide

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