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SVN access


The public DROPS and TUD:OS repository is available via subversion at the following URL:


L4Linux is available at:

The repositories contain the common svn structure with trunk, tags and branches.

To make it easier for you to check out selected parts of the archive we have written a script that knows different modules.

Do the following to get the Fiasco kernel and the packages for the "hello" program.

       $ svn checkout -N http://svn.tudos.org/repos/tudos/trunk tudos
       $ cd tudos
       $ ./repomgr co hello

To show all the available modules, issue:
       $ ./repomgr modules

The repositories are updated after a successful build that is run once a day. Daily snapshots of the public repository are available.

Note that the internal directory structure changed a bit, the 'kernel' and 'dice' directories have been moved out of the l4 directory.

The old public CVS repository is no longer accessible. You may contact us as to get older version of our software.

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