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  • Operating Heterogeneous Systems at Scale
    Matthias Hille, Nils Asmussen, Pramod Bhatotia, Hermann Härtig
    EuroSys 2016 - Poster Session, London, UK, April 2016, April 2016
  • Who is Going to Program This?
    Marcus Völp, Michael Roitzsch, Hermann Härtig
    OSDI 2012 - Poster Session, Hollywood, CA, USA, October 2012
  • The IMData Approach to Accelerating Data-Intensive Workloads
    Marcus Völp, Nils Asmussen, Hermann Härtig
    Facing the Multicore-Challendge III - Poster, Stuttgart, Germany, September 2012
  • ASTEROID - Analyzable, Resilient Real-Time Operating System Design
    Björn Döbel, Hermann Härtig, Philip Axer, Rolf Ernst
    DATE 2012, poster session, Dresden, February 2012
  • Towards Characterizing Video Decoding Complexity as Energy-Utility Functions
    Marcus Hähnel, Björn Döbel, Michael Roitzsch, Marcus Völp
    DATE 2012, poster session, Dresden, Germany, February 2012
  • Improving the Efficiency of I/O Virtualization
    Bernhard Kauer, Udo Steinberg, Julian Stecklina
    Eurosys 2010, poster session, April 2010
  • NOVA OS Virtualization Architecture
    Udo Steinberg, Bernhard Kauer
    OSDI 2008, poster session, December 2008
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