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  • Configuration of inter-process communication with probabilistic model checking
    Linda Herrmann, Martin Küttler, Tobias Stumpf, Christel Baier, Hermann Härtig, Sascha Klüppelholz
    International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer volume 21, 651–666 (2019), October 2019
  • FFMK: An HPC OS based on the L4Re Microkernel
    Carsten Weinhold, Adam Lackorzynski, Hermann Härtig
    In Robert W. Wisniewski, Balazs Gerofi, Rolf Riesen, Yutaka Ishikawa (eds) Operating Systems for Supercomputers and High Performance Computing, October 2019
  • Architecture and Advanced Electronics Pathways Toward Highly Adaptive Energy-Efficient Computing
    G. P. Fettweis, M. Dörpinghaus, J. Castrillon, A. Kumar, C. Baier, K. Bock, F. Ellinger, A. Fery, F. H. P. Fitzek, H. Härtig, K. Jamshidi, T. Kissinger, W. Lehner, M. Mertig, W. E. Nagel, G. T. Nguyen, D. Plettemeier, M. Schröter, T. Strufe
    Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 107, no. 1, pp. 204-231, 2019, January 2019
  • RAW 2014: Random Number Generators on FPGAs
    Michael Raitza, Markus Vogt, Christian Hochberger, Thilo Pionteck
    Invited article in: ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems (TRETS), Volume 9, Issue 2, January 2016
  • FFMK: A Fast and Fault-Tolerant Microkernel-Based Operating System for Exascale Computing
    Carsten Weinhold, Hermann Härtig
    Invited paper in: inSiDE - Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland, Spring 2015 Issue, Spring 2015
  • Multi-Layer Software Reliability for Unreliable Hardware
    Muhammad Shafique, Philip Axer, Christoph Borchert, Jian-Jia Chen, Kuan-Hsun Chen, Björn Döbel, Rolf Ernst, Hermann Härtig, Andreas Heinig, Rüdiger Kapitza, Florian Kreibel, Daniel Lohmann, Peter Marwedel, Semeen Rehman, Florian Schmoll, Olaf Spinczyk
    it - Information Technology: Methods And Applications Of Informatics And Information Technology, Band 57, Heft 3, June 2015
  • Locks: Picking key methods for a scalable quantitative analysis
    Christel Baier, Marcus Daum, Benjamin Engel, Hermann Härtig, Joachim Klein, Sascha Klüppelholz, Steffen Märcker, Hendrik Tews, Marcus Völp
    Journal of Computer and System Sciences, July 2014
  • Towards Computation With Microchemomechanical Systems
    Andreas Voigt, Rinaldo Greiner, Merle Allerdißen, Andreas Richter, Stephan Henker, Marcus Völp
    International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, Volume 25, Issue 04, June 2014
  • Formal Memory Models for the Verification of Low-Level Operating-System Code
    Hendrik Tews, Marcus Völp, Tjark Weber
    Journal of Automated Reasoning - Special Issue on Operating System Verification, April 2009
  • Video Quality and System Resources: Scheduling two Opponents
    Michael Roitzsch, Martin Pohlack
    Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, Volume 19, Issue 8, Pages 473-488 , Special issue: Resource-Aware Adaptive Video Streaming, December 2008
  • L4 - Virtualization and Beyond
    Hermann Härtig, Michael Roitzsch, Adam Lackorzynski, Björn Döbel, Alexander Böttcher
    Korean Information Science Society Review, December 2008
  • A Case Study on the Cost and Benefit of Dynamic RPC Marshalling for Low-Level System Components
    Norman Feske
    SIGOPS OSR Special Issue on Secure Small-Kernel Systems, 2007
  • Enforceable Component-Based Realtime Contracts - Supporting Realtime Properties from Software Development to Execution
    Härtig, Zschaler, Pohlack, Aigner, Göbel, Pohl, Röttger
    Realtime Systems Journal. The original publication is available at www.springerlink.com , August 2006
  • Unsichtbare Botschaften
    A. Westfeld
    C't Magazin für Computertechnik 9/2001, S. 170-181, September 2001
  • Prinzessin auf der Erbse - Linux-Portierung auf den Mikrokern
    M. Hohmuth, J. Wolter
    Appeared in iX 1/1997, January 1997
    HTML , Additional information
  • The BirliX Security Architecture
    H. Härtig, O. Kowalski, W. Kühnhauser
    Journal of Computer Security 2, p. 5—21 , 1993
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