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Operating Systems

Exercise: Terms and Concepts


  1. What is real-time? What is a real-time system?
  2. Differentiate hard, firm and soft real-time.
  3. Name examples of real-time systems and their timing requirements. What other dimensions for the classification of real-time systems do you see?


  1. Given the task of designing a system to perform a real-time task, which design steps and decisions can you imagine?
  2. How would you determine the execution time of a real-time application?
  3. Given a set of tasks with their timing parameters, how can you determine a feasible schedule, where the tasks meet their timing constraints?
  4. What operating system functionality could be useful or even required to execute real-time applications?
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  • ModuleModules: INF-BAS4, INF-VERT4, DSE-E9, INF-LE-EUI
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