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  • Energy-Efficiency of OWL Reasoners—Frequency Matters
    Patrick Koopmann, Marcus Hähnel, Anni-Yasmin Turhan
    Semantic Technology - 7th Joint International Conference (JIST 2017), Gold Coast, QLD, Australia, November 2017
  • Powernightmares: The Challenge of Efficiently Using Sleep States on Multi-Core Systems
    Thomas Ilsche, Marcus Hähnel, Robert Schöne, Mario Bielert and Daniel Hackenberg
    5th Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for the Many-core Era (ROME 2017), Santiago de Compostela, Spain, August 2017
  • E-Team: Practical Energy Accounting for Multi-Core Systems
    Till Smejkal, Marcus Hähnel, Thomas Ilsche, Michael Roitzsch, Wolfgang E. Nagel, Hermann Härtig
    Proceedings of the 2017 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC'17), Santa Clara, CA, USA, July 2017
  • Query Processing on Low-Energy Many-Core Processors
    Annett Ungethüm, Dirk Habich, Tomas Karnagel, Wolfgang Lehner, Nils Asmussen, Marcus Völp, Benedikt Nöthen, Gerhard Fettweis
    In Proceedings of the 31st IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering Workshops (ICDEW) 2015 , April 2015
  • Bridging the Application Knowledge Gap – Using Ontology-based Situation Recognition to Support Energy-Aware Resource Scheduling
    Marcus Hähnel, Julian Mendez, Veronika Thost, Anni-Yasmin Turhan
    The 13th Workshop on Adaptive and Reflective Middleware (ARM 2014), December 2014
  • Heterogeneity by the Numbers: A Study of the ODROID XU+E big.LITTLE Platform
    Marcus Hähnel, Hermann Härtig
    6th Workshop on Power-Aware Computing and Systems (HotPower '14), October 2014
  • Has Energy Surpassed Timeliness? - Scheduling Energy-Constrained Mixed-Criticality Systems
    Marcus Völp, Marcus Hähnel, Adam Lackorzynski
    To appear: Proceedings of the 20th Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Application Symposium (RTAS), Berlin, Germany, April 2014
  • eBond: Energy Saving in Heterogeneous R.A.I.N
    Marcus Hähnel, Björn Döbel, Hermann Härtig, Marcus Völp
    ACM eEnergy (e-Energy 2013), Berkeley, CA, USA, May 2013
  • Consolidate-to-Idle: The Second Dimension is Almost for Free
    Marcus Völp, Johannes Steinmetz, Marcus Hähnel
    19th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS 2013) WiP Session, Philadelphia, USA, April 2013
  • The Potential of Energy/Utility-Accrual Scheduling
    Marcus Hähnel, Marcus Völp, Björn Döbel, Hermann Härtig
    First International WorkShop on Energy-Aware Systems, Communications and Security (EASyCoSe 2013), Barcelona, Spain, March 2013
  • Measuring Energy Consumption for Short Code Paths Using RAPL
    Marcus Hähnel, Björn Döbel, Marcus Völp, Hermann Härtig
    GREENMETRICS'12, London, UK, June 2012
  • Towards Characterizing Video Decoding Complexity as Energy-Utility Functions
    Marcus Hähnel, Björn Döbel, Michael Roitzsch, Marcus Völp
    DATE 2012, poster session, Dresden, Germany, February 2012
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