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Algebraische und logische Grundlagen der Informatik

Lab Course “Modeling and Automated Verification” (0/2/0)

Prof. Dr. Baier

Language: English


This lab course is intended for students in the Master's program “Computational Logic”. It affords the opportunity to participate in theoretical as well as applied state-of-the-art research projects. Most problems addressed in this course are closely related to or a part of current research projects of our workgroup. See for example:

Within these projects, tasks in various areas arise, which include

  • symbolic methods in model checking
  • explicit model-checking techniques
  • reduction techniques
  • (probabilistic) omega-automata
  • numerical solution methods
  • logics
  • specification formalisms
  • abstraction techniques
  • case studies


To participate, please register using the form below until Sunday, October 16th, 2016.

All registered students will be informed about the first meeting via email.


  • Solid foundations in algorithms and data structures, complexity theory, automata theory and formal languages
  • Basic mathematical foundations
  • Programming skills in C/C++ or Java


The following rules need to be followed in order to assure a successful participation:

Written Part

  • There will be an initial event at the beginning of October 2016, where some different topics will be presented.
  • Every participant will be assigned to a topic. The aim of this course is to work autonomously on a topic and to give a presentation on the findings. A date for this presentation will be fixed at the initial event for every participant. The presentation has to be given at the end of January 2017.
  • A tutor is assigned to every participant during the initial meeting.
  • The developed code has to be commented properly and has to be described in a PDF document.
  • The concluding presentation should not exceed 30 minutes.

Awarding of Credit Points

The Credit Points will be awarded if all of the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Every deadline was kept.
  • The source code is commented and documented properly.
  • The presentation of the own results was acceptable.
  • The presentations of the other participants were attended.


Master Computational Logic
MCL-PCS: Presentation and Communication Skills


Registration closed.


In case of questions or problems please contact Dr. Klüppelholz.

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