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Algebraische und logische Grundlagen der Informatik

Seminar “Selected Topics in Logic and Verification” (0/2/0)

Prof. Dr. Baier

Language: English


This seminar is intended for third-semester students of the Master program Computational Logic or Master/Diploma program Informatik. The seminar addresses selected topics in model checking, temporal logics, automata theory and concurrency theory.


To participate, please register using the form below until Sunday, April 9th, 2017.

All registered students will be informed about the first meeting via email.


The seminar addresses students that have profound knowledge in theoretical computer science and logics.

  • For students of the Master or Diplom program Informatik, the material of the course “Formale Systeme” and “Theoretische Informatik und Logik” is required.
  • The seminar is intended for students of the Master program Computational Logic in the second year of their studies that have successfully completed at least one of the following courses: “Model Checking” or “Advanced Logics”.


  • a written summary of 5–10 pages
  • and a presentation, approximately 30 minutes


Master Informatik
INF-AQUA: Allgemeine Qualifikation
Master Medieninformatik
INF-AQUA: Allgemeine Qualifikation
Master Computational Logic
MCL-PCS: Presentation and Communication Skills
Diplom Informatik
INF-D-940: Berufsspezifische Schlüsselqualifikation
Diplom Informatik (DPO 2004)
INF-04-HS: Hauptseminar


Registration closed.


In case of questions or problems please contact Dr. Klüppelholz.

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