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Operating Systems

Chair of Operating Systems

The Operating Systems Group

The TUD:OS (TU Dresden Operating Systems) group's objective is to reduce complexity for critical systems by orders of magnitude. To this end, we research, develop and use our own micro-kernel and virtualization technology. We use micro-kernels to componentise critical parts of systems and virtualisation to enable reuse of legacy software for uncritical parts.

It is our objective to combine ambitious systems research with profound education in operating systems and related areas. We try to push research and development far enough such that its results can be used outside of our group, for example by other research groups or as starting points for industrial partners. read more ...



Dresden Operating System L4 used as foundation of a security gateway for security level SECRET read more ...


TU Dresden Spin-Off demonstrates next generation router firmware

On June 9, Imagination Technologies and Kernkonzept announced the availability of the L4Re microkernel system for the MIPS architecture, supporting the recently introduced hardware virtualization functionality. read more ...


TUD:OS among the winners of German IT Security Award

The L4Re operating system, base of the secure system design for smartphones and co-developed by TUD:OS, Kernkonzept, Trust2Core and T-Systems is among the winners of the 2014 German IT Security Award sponsored by Horst-Goertz-Stiftung. read more ...

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